The Grapetree Area Property Owners’ Association Inc., GAPOA, helps owners with neighborhood issues including road maintenance, beach cleanup, and development management. The GAPOA is funded by the annual assessments from members representing over three hundred properties within the Association. The GAPOA is managed by an all-volunteer group of member elected property owners.

The purpose of the GAPOA and it’s collection of assessments is to maintain the roads and beaches, represent the property owners interests, and to uphold the covenants and restrictions applicable to the five estates of North Slob, North Grapetree, South Slob, South Grapetree, and Turner Hole. The GAPOA promotes neighbors coming together to share the enjoyment of owning property in America’s easternmost paradise!

Please help us make our neighborhood great by paying your GAPOA assessment on time, volunteering to serve, and working with your neighbors to improve your piece of paradise. Your participation as a member of our association makes our east end St. Croix community a wonderful place to live, play and enjoy.

Hello Grapetree Home Owners Association Members,

On January 21 2024, we hosted our GAPOA annual meeting at the Grapetree Hotel. Over 40 residents were represented.  

There were a few good topics of discussions.  The meeting minutes and the financial report are under for your review.  

This year, the main topic was to vote on was updated revised ByLaws which were unanimously passed.  The current ones are from 1986 and have served us well.  The GAPOA legal committee and the attorney were able to get the ByLaws updated with language reflecting the HOA’s current needs and responsibilities. The new ByLaws posted under 

We thank all the Board members for their volunteered time.  We also thank all of you for being good citizens of the GAPOA community.  

Thank you,

Pooja Vachani, President of GAPOA

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