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The Grapetree Area Property Owners Association Inc., GAPOA, helps owners with neighborhood issues including road maintenance, beach cleanup, and development management. GAPOA is funded by the annual assessments from members representing over three hundred properties within the Association. GAPOA is managed by an all volunteer group of member elected property owners.

The purpose of GAPOA and it’s collection of assessments is to maintain the roads and beaches, represent the property owners interests, and to uphold the covenants and restrictions applicable to the five estates of North Slob, North Grapetree, South Slob, South Grapetree, and Turner Hole. GAPOA promotes neighbors coming together to share the enjoyment of owning property in America’s easternmost paradise!

Please help us make our neighborhood great by paying your GAPOA assessment on time, volunteering to serve, and working with your neighbors to improve your piece of paradise. Your participation as a member of our association makes our east end St. Croix community great!

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2019 President John Morra’s Report

November 13, 2019

GAPOA Members,

Another great year here on St Croix!  The linemen are still here installing new composite poles all around the island, and have almost completed the installation throughout our area. Luckily, Hurricane Dorian passed over us quickly, and other than that it was a rather quiet Hurricane season. You will be receiving a News Letter which will bring you up to date with GAPOA events and other news.

This year’s Board of Directors has continued to work hard for its membership. 

The Collections Committee has been in contact with members with past due assessments and has collected on several of these accounts to bring them current. 

Roads Committee has continued brush cutting and grading this year and completed road sign installation and paved sections of four roads this year.  

The Beach Committee held a cleanup on January 20th where approximately 1500 pounds of trash was removed from Turner Hole, Grapetree and Smuggler’s beaches. The information campaign continues to inform GAPOA community residents about beach-related issues like sea-turtle etiquette and the dangers of plastic waste.  The Annual Beach Party was held in March, and continues to be a fun way for neighbors to meet and mingle.

The Architectural Committee had a quiet year, they reviewed and approved two new homes.

The Nomination Committee has been working to keep our Board and Committee positions filled. We are in need of someone to head up the Legal Committee, anyone with a legal background who would be able to assist, would be greatly appreciated.

The Annual Meeting will be held January 18, 2020 at 4pm at the St Croix Yacht Club.  There will be a buffet and cash bar, if you’re on island, stop by to say hello to your neighbors.  

Enclosed are the following documents:  2019 Annual Meeting Minutes, 2020 Annual Meeting Agenda, 2020 proposed Board of Directors Slate, Invoice for your 2020 assessment, Proxy Form and RSVP Form. Complete the Proxy Form if you cannot attend the meeting naming any member, Officer or Board Member to vote your Proxy.  Please complete the required forms, including updating your email address and return with your $300 annual assessment prior to December 31, 2019.  To be eligible to vote at the Annual Meeting, members must be current on their 2019 assessments.

I look forward to seeing you at the Annual Cocktail Reception and Meeting.


John Morra