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The Grapetree Area Property Owners Association Inc., GAPOA, helps owners with neighborhood issues including road maintenance, beach cleanup, and development management. GAPOA is funded by the annual assessments from members representing over three hundred properties within the Association. GAPOA is managed by an all volunteer group of member elected property owners.

The purpose of GAPOA and it’s collection of assessments is to maintain the roads and beaches, represent the property owners interests, and to uphold the covenants and restrictions applicable to the five estates of North Slob, North Grapetree, South Slob, South Grapetree, and Turner Hole. GAPOA promotes neighbors coming together to share the enjoyment of owning property in America’s easternmost paradise!

Please help us make our neighborhood great by paying your GAPOA assessment on time, volunteering to serve, and working with your neighbors to improve your piece of paradise. Your participation as a member of our association makes our east end St. Croix community great!

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Annual Home Owner Association News Update 2016

This years Meeting was held on January 16th and we will post updates from the President on the meeting outcomes but we have a letter from John Roberts that we wanted to share.

THANKS, BOB!                                                                                 1/17/16

Yesterday, Bob Carlin (102 SGB) resigned from the Board of Directors of our homeowners’ association, after 4 years on the Board and 8 years previously serving the Board and its members. In all of my 79 years I have never known anyone who did more to help a group of homeowners than Bob. He has been an absolute treasure, and I’d be willing to bet that his contributions to the group are not over.

John Roberts




I hope 2015 was a good year for all and this letter finds you in good health and good spirits. This year’s Annual Meeting is scheduled for January 16, 2016, 4 PM at the St Croix Yacht Club. Light food will be provided and a cash bar available prior to and during the meeting.

In my March 2015 Report I stated the affairs of the Association were being effectively managed by your Board and its financial position was improving. Today I am pleased to report that your Association is even stronger and is positioned well to execute our 2016 plans to improve the roadways, enhance our web site, increase our collection activity and to continue to advance our automated record retention plans. Our revenues are above budget by over $20,000 and our expenses are below budget by over $20,000, giving the Association a $40,000 cash surplus vs. budget as of November 2015. Revenue was over budget primarily due to the Board’s execution of a more aggressive collection plan and expenses were under budget due to reduced property taxes and lower brush cutting cost.

Our roadways held up nicely this year due in part to the lower rain fall, causing less erosion and less vegetation growth and also in part by the Board’s management of the roadway improvements over the past several years. New estate signage was added this year that should help emergency vehicles better find property locations. The Board request that all members that do not have their plot number posted on their home to please do so. More road paving is planned for 2016.

We had success in reducing our assessed values on our five tax bills for road and drainage plot that the Association owns, creating an annual tax savings of over $2100. The Association also received a refund on the over payment of 2013 taxes.

The execution of our 2015 collection plan resulted in exceeding goal by over $20,000. New liens were placed on twelve past-due members this year after all efforts to collect failed. Our goal is to exhaust all collection avenues prior to seeking legal action. We need better contact information on our past due members to help us resolve these issues.

The new Web Site was launched in May 2015. The new platform will allow the Board to better manage the content and to provide more useful information to our members. Please visit the Site for more information about GAPOA at www.gapoa.com. You can update your contact information on line including your address, email and phone number which will allow the Board to effectively communicate with you.

Enclosed in this Annual Meeting Announcement packet is the 2016 Meeting Agenda, 2015 Annual Meeting Minutes, 2016 proposed Board of Directors Slate, Invoice for the 2016 assessment, Proxy Form to be completed if you cannot attend the meeting naming any Member, Officer or Board Member to vote your proxy, and a RSVP form with a request to update your contact information. Please complete the required forms and return with your $300 annual assessment.

To be eligible to vote at the Annual Meeting members must be current on their 2015 assessments. For those members that are past due and would like to discuss resolution with me please call me at 860-326-9548.

We have a couple of Board slots open for 2016 and will be soliciting members at the annual meeting to join the Board.   We need your help and voice to continue the good work of the Association. Please consider volunteering. You will enjoy it and it takes little personal time.

Hope to see a big turnout for a fun evening at the Annual meeting.

Yours Truly,

James E Pedrick


Beach Cleanup October 22, 2016 9 AM



Road Committee


New Signs are installed!



In the ongoing effort to reduce emergency response times, your Board of Directors have approved the installation of signage identifying the boundaries of our five Estates.

As plots in different Estates have similar numbers, identifying Estate parameters is important when attempting to locate individual plots. In addition, with only “North” and “South” differentiations, the ability to identify ones’ location becomes all the more important.

As such, your Board has budgeted for and approved the installation of (10) 12” x 18” reflective Estate name signs. The cost is estimated at $1,250.