New Homeowner Accepts Important Challenge 

Submitted by Sharyl Mueller

Ona Alpert and Todd Josselyn are our newest neighbors at 55 South Slob. At the annual GAPOA meeting in January, Ona expressed her concern about the volume of trash in her front yard beach, “it’s kind of depressing and sad. But it’s a worldwide problem. It’s not unique to just us.”

As a young girl, Ona spent winters with her parents on St. Croix at Coakley Bay. She remembers the crystal clear blue water so naturally she introduced her husband, a Vermont native and contractor, to the island. He got hooked too and about a decade ago, the couple decided to buy a home here. “St. Croix has so much beauty. It’s special. It has a little of everything. And I like the people; they are warm, friendly and helpful.”

Ona was nominated for the job as Adjunct Beach Coordinator after she told homeowners her Christmas day story, “from my back porch, I could see big pieces of trash on the beach. When I got down there I saw pieces of fishing lines, plastic bottles and smaller trash.  Alone, I filled 5 big trash bags and 5-gallon buckets.”

Within three weeks, the beach trash returned; Fisherman’s Beach was the worst, says Ona. “I’d like to spark a little extra sense of responsibility in our community to say – I’m not gonna walk past that, I”m going to pick it up.”

Ona is coordinating the April 2nd cleanup, slated to begin at 8am. She’ll send out email reminders and confirm the meeting location. Ona, a warm, thoughtful and energetic homeowner, reminds us all, “Make things better, that’s our purpose in life.”