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The Grapetree Area Property Owners Association Inc., GAPOA, helps owners with neighborhood issues including road maintenance, beach cleanup, and development management. GAPOA is funded by the annual assessments from members representing over three hundred properties within the Association. GAPOA is managed by an all volunteer group of member elected property owners.

The purpose of GAPOA and it’s collection of assessments is to maintain the roads and beaches, represent the property owners interests, and to uphold the covenants and restrictions applicable to the five estates of North Slob, North Grapetree, South Slob, South Grapetree, and Turner Hole. GAPOA promotes neighbors coming together to share the enjoyment of owning property in America’s easternmost paradise!

Please help us make our neighborhood great by paying your GAPOA assessment on time, volunteering to serve, and working with your neighbors to improve your piece of paradise. Your participation as a member of our association makes our east end St. Croix community great!

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Beach Cleanup Results

A heartfelt thank you to all those who volunteered at the GAPOA Beach Cleanup on April 22 and made it a success.  We filled a dumpster with 1.57 tons of marine litter and now that trash cannot endanger swimmers, boaters or wildlife.  Everyone enjoyed camaraderie and goodwill, as well as a goody bag filled with reef-responsible sunscreen, but sugar-soft sand and turquoise-blue water truly are the gifts that keep on giving.

Thank you,

Ona Alpert

GAPOA Beach Chair





                                                                     2016 Presidents Report

Greetings from St. Croix.  Trust all is well with you.  We have had plenty of rain this year so your island is emerald green and the flora is abundant.

The Annual Meeting is scheduled for Saturday, January 21, 2017, 4PM at the St. Croix Yacht Club.  A light buffet will be provided and a cash bar is available prior to and during the meeting.  Please join us for a fun and informative evening.

Your Board of Directors had another successful year in managing the affairs of the Association and accomplishing our budgeted goals.  One of our primary goals this year was to continue to improve the administration of the Association and the management of its documents.  Thanks to Janice Buell’s perseverance we have accomplished the following:

  1. Policies and Procedures have been created, approved and filed on line.
  2. Duties and Responsibilities for Officers and the Bookkeeper were documented.
  3. The Annual Reports were brought current with the Lt. Governor’s Office.
  4. GAPOA Income Tax Returns were filed and are now current.
  5. A complete list of all GAPOA documents are in the process of being e-filing on a shared Goggle Drive.
  6. All GAPOA corporate legal documents have been organized in electronic and hard copy file.
  7. All plots within the five estates of Grapetree Association have been verified to our membership data base.

We made major progress on our 10 year Road Maintenance Plan, thanks to the leadership of our Road Chair, G.B. Bucknell.  In 2016, we spent over $107,000 combined on road paving, grading, road signage and brush cutting.  This was our largest allocation ever. The following roads were paved:  Hummingbird 749 ‘, Ridge Road east 805’, Hill Top Circle Spur 125’ and new construction on the switch back section of Ridge Road north 400’.  Two brush cuttings were completed this year, one in January and the other in September.  This was due to above average rainfall.   Eight new Estate signs were installed on the interior roadways to improve property address identification for emergency vehicles. Road grading was completed on all gravel roads to help with erosion and drainage management. The increased road allocation was made possible by increasing yearly dues to $300 in 2015, improved collection strategy that has resulted in a higher percentage of paying members and reducing all other association expenses.  Today 80% of revenues are allocated to road maintenance.

The Collection Committee, led by Don James, has effectively executed our collection plan.  I am pleased to report that no new liens were placed this year as all members paid their 2015 assessment, other than the members with a lien.  Four liens were collected and released this year.  At present we have 13 non-paying members, all with a lien filed on their property that we are working toward resolution.

Ona Alpert, our Beach Chair, has done an outstanding job of coordinating our beach cleanup.  It was highly promoted and well organized which resulted in a large turnout and tons of trash removed from our four beaches.  A second cleanup was held on October 22, in conjunction with Friends of East End Marine Park.  We held our second annual beach party at Smuggler’s Cove Beach this past March.  It was well attended with lots of good food and fun times. Come join us this March.  An email announcement will be sent.

Enclosed are the following documents:  2017 Annual Meeting Agenda, 2016 Annual Meeting Minutes, 2017 proposed Board of Directors Slate, Invoice for your 2017 assessment, Proxy Form to be completed if you cannot attend the meeting naming any Member, Officer or Board Member to vote your proxy and a RSVP Form with a request to update your contact information.  Please complete the required forms and return with your $300 annual assessment prior to December 31, 2016.

To be eligible to vote at the Annual Meeting, members must be current on their 2016 assessments. For those few members that have not paid their 2016 assessment please do so today.

I am looking forward to seeing you at the Annual Cocktail Reception and Meeting.

Yours Truly,

James E Pedrick


Road Committee

Road work as described below has been preformed

Please be advised that sections of the following roads will be paved starting February 28: 

Deer Hill, S. Grapetree Road, S. Point Road, Hill Top Circle, Iguana Way, Sirrus Road, and Turner Hole Road

Brush cutting has already been performed this year and will be done again later in the year, if necessary.  GAPOA will be grading roads as needed and performing culvert and swale upkeep throughout the months of March and April.

Please give the road crew the courtesy and space to do a good job safely.  There may be occasions where you will have to take an alternate route or wait to pass through.  The workers will do everything they can to accommodate traffic.  Thank you for your patience while we perform this important work.


New Signs are installed!



In the ongoing effort to reduce emergency response times, your Board of Directors have approved the installation of signage identifying the boundaries of our five Estates.

As plots in different Estates have similar numbers, identifying Estate parameters is important when attempting to locate individual plots. In addition, with only “North” and “South” differentiations, the ability to identify ones’ location becomes all the more important.

As such, your Board has budgeted for and approved the installation of (10) 12” x 18” reflective Estate name signs. The cost is estimated at $1,250.