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The Grapetree Area Property Owners Association Inc., GAPOA, helps owners with neighborhood issues including road maintenance, beach cleanup, and development management. GAPOA is funded by the annual assessments from members representing over three hundred properties within the Association. GAPOA is managed by an all volunteer group of member elected property owners.

The purpose of GAPOA and it’s collection of assessments is to maintain the roads and beaches, represent the property owners interests, and to uphold the covenants and restrictions applicable to the five estates of North Slob, North Grapetree, South Slob, South Grapetree, and Turner Hole. GAPOA promotes neighbors coming together to share the enjoyment of owning property in America’s easternmost paradise!

Please help us make our neighborhood great by paying your GAPOA assessment on time, volunteering to serve, and working with your neighbors to improve your piece of paradise. Your participation as a member of our association makes our east end St. Croix community great!

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Please be advised that brush cutting HAS BEGUN and will continue for the next two weeks.  Please use caution while the crew performs this important work.


Please also be on the lookout for the Annual Meeting Announcement and 2018 Invoice that was mailed on November 21st.  Annual assessment payments are due by December 31.



            2017 Presidents Report

November 10, 2017

St. Croix did not escape the wrath of hurricane season this year. The Island was hit with back to back storms. Irma on September 6th passed 30 miles north of St Thomas so St. Croix experienced minor damage. Two weeks later, on September 19th Maria passed just a few miles south of St Croix and this time the island was not so fortunate. Major property damage was experienced across the island with the worst effect on the West End. Two months after the storm over 80% of the island is still without electricity with a projected restoration by the end of the year. A News Letter from GAPOA was emailed on October 31th to the membership providing more details on the hurricane and the status of services on St Croix.

When you send in your 2018 assessment please complete the enclosed form to update your email address.   This is the Association’s preferred means of communicating with its membership.

The Annual Meeting is scheduled for Saturday January 20, 2018, 4pm at the St Croix Yacht Club. A light buffet will be provided and a cash bar is available prior to and during the meeting. Please join us to catch up on GAPOA news and to enjoy a social setting with your neighbors.

Your Board of Directors has accomplished the following goals this year:

  1. $67,600 was spent on road paving in 2017, recapping 1800 linear feet of roadway. Couple this with the 2100 linear feet paved in 2016 and you can see we have made major progress improving the Association’s roads.
  2. The Collection Committee continues to focus on ensuring all members pay their assessment each year. No new liens have been filed for the past two years as all current members have paid their assessment. The committee continues to work toward resolution on the twelve nonpaying members with liens.
  3. The Communications Committee has made major progress on the electronic filing of GAPOA documents on the shared Google Drive. All documents related to Corporate Structure, Annual Meetings, Board Meetings, Policies and Procedures and Officer Duties have been filed online. There is more work to be done filing documents for Financials, Architectural, Legal, Roads and Collections. Our goal is to complete the Record Retention Plan by the end of 2018.
  4. The Beach Committee organized and completed one beach cleanup this year, participated in Ziggy’s roadside cleanup and helped with the International Coastal Cleanup. GAPOA’s 3rd Annual Beach Party was held in March. One of GAPOA’s responsibilities is to improve and maintain the beaches within our Association. The Board is in discussions on how we can improve upon this responsibility beyond cleaning trash from the beaches. We hope to have an action plan in 2018.

My term as President expires in January. It has been my pleasure to serve on the board for the past nine years and as President for the past three. I plan to serve one more year on the Board to help with the transition of the new Board members.

Our priority focus over the past three years has been strengthening the administration of the Association to ensure future Boards perform all responsibilities in a timely manner. This was accomplished by documenting (i) a Time Line Action Plan for all Board responsibilities (ii) Duties and Responsibilities of Officers and (iii) implementing a Record Retention Plan that organizes all GAPOA documents in a centralized online storage space with instant access by all Board members.

As I step down as President, I feel confident that the Association is in a good place and is positioned well for continues success.

Enclosed are the following documents: 2018 Annual Meeting Agenda, 2017 Annual Meeting Minutes, 2018 proposed Board of Directors Slate, Invoice for your 2018 assessment, Proxy Form and RSVP Form. Complete the Proxy Form if you cannot attend the meeting naming any member, Officer or Board Member to vote your proxy. Please complete the required forms, including updating your email address and return with your $300 annual assessment prior to December 31, 2017.

Remember to be eligible to vote at the Annual Meeting, members must be current on their 2017 assessment.

I look forward to seeing you at the Annual Cocktail Reception and Meeting.

Yours Truly,

James E Pedrick




GAPOA’s NEWSLETTER                                                                      OCTOBER 31, 2017



All in all, the east end of St Croix was spared the brunt of Hurricanes Irma and Maria.  From Maria September 19th-20th , we certainly got strong 150-175 mph winds for 2-3 hours, but fortunately the eye stayed south of the east end about 20 -30 miles from shore. Typical damage to homes are railings, gazebos, gutters, porch roofs and some had various degrees of metal sheeting loss on roofs. The hurricane brought a lot of water. The sea surge was significant and damaging especially to the Divi Hotel, and other sea-level waterfront properties on the south side. Maria also brought with it a lot of rain which has caused lots of problems to our neighborhood dirt and paved roads with washouts and rock pile-ups. We have also suffered much tree damage and of course telephone poles, cable and electrical lines.


The first two weeks after the storm was the most trying for residents. The curfew made it difficult to get things accomplished, the demand for gas, diesel, and propane for generators made for long lines, no phones were working, ice was in very short supply, many of the grocery stores were closed or had limited goods, traffic was horrendous, banks were closed, and cash was required for any purchases.


However things slowly have improved. As of today, the east end has limited cell phone coverage by AT&T, not to the pre-Irma standard, but improving.  There is no internet capability yet and no one has electricity, but banks are open, food is available, gas lines are better, the curfew is shorter, and the airport has been opened since October 5th.




The progress we all want to see is power restoration and that picture has changed very recently due to the arrival of stateside utility crews, who have arrived in the last 10 days, working overtime with WAPA. These crews from Massachusetts, New York and Missouri have come with equipment, poles and bucket trucks to all 4 islands.  They are working on restoring Fredriksted, which was severely hurt, and also moving east and west from the Richmond power station, getting intersections first.


It might be sometime before the far east end gets power, they have promised by Christmas, but homes on the main roads might get it sooner out here than that. We hope so.


For our GAPOA community, remaining challenges include having yards cut, pruning trees, getting the piles of debris picked up, and getting telephone poles and wires removed from the main roads and our subdivision roads.  Also, many of our street signs and estate signs are down, and of course there needs to be a serious brush cut on all the roads as well as culvert clearing and road grading.


For owners of homes, keeping a generator in good working order is a challenge.  For those second-home owners, refrigerators should be cleaned out, mold addressed, pools either treated or emptied, and your weather head must be in tact in order to receive WAPA power when it comes to your house. A licensed electrician is required to determine the condition and repair it if necessary.


Please feel free to contact me at brady.isabel@gmail.com with questions. I wish you well in your cleanup efforts.


Ona Alpert, GAPOA: Thank you for taking time to fill me in on the Divi Carina Bay’s recovery plans. I think all of us with property on-island understand that goals can be moving targets and information is subject to change, but since the hotel is so much a part of our community, we would like to know: when do you plan on re-opening?

Ycianda “EC” Grandville, Guest Relations Manager: Our target date for re-opening is May, 2018 subject to the availability of goods and, of course, the mercy of Mother Nature. We are interviewing contractors and dealing with insurance right now. Our restaurants are open until curfew, however, and we welcome diners to them.

OA: Will you be re-building the pier?

YG: We do not know at this time if we will be rebuilding the pier but we will be making improvements to the hotel when we rebuild.

OA: That’s great to hear. Will you be making eco-improvements, such as upgrading exterior lighting to be sea-turtle friendly?

YG: We try to be considerate and conscious of sea turtles and have already made improvements to our exterior lighting. We removed rope lighting from beach-side palms years ago and each year we remove every other bulb from our exterior lights for turtle nesting season. When we are aware of a nest, we take care not to disturb it and we report the fact that it has hatched to DPNR when we know that has occurred.

OA: Wonderful news! What else can you tell me about the hotel right now?

YG: We are currently hosting relief workers and working to get things back in order as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, we are in the process of laying off some employees. The pool sustained damage and so it is not open. But we are looking forward to getting construction supplies and contractors in place.

OA: Thanks again for speaking with me. Let’s stay in touch to share news in the next few months!

YG: Absolutely!

Road Committee

Road work as described below has been preformed

Please be advised that sections of the following roads will be paved starting February 28: 

Deer Hill, S. Grapetree Road, S. Point Road, Hill Top Circle, Iguana Way, Sirrus Road, and Turner Hole Road

Brush cutting has already been performed this year and will be done again later in the year, if necessary.  GAPOA will be grading roads as needed and performing culvert and swale upkeep throughout the months of March and April.

Please give the road crew the courtesy and space to do a good job safely.  There may be occasions where you will have to take an alternate route or wait to pass through.  The workers will do everything they can to accommodate traffic.  Thank you for your patience while we perform this important work.


New Signs are installed!



In the ongoing effort to reduce emergency response times, your Board of Directors have approved the installation of signage identifying the boundaries of our five Estates.

As plots in different Estates have similar numbers, identifying Estate parameters is important when attempting to locate individual plots. In addition, with only “North” and “South” differentiations, the ability to identify ones’ location becomes all the more important.

As such, your Board has budgeted for and approved the installation of (10) 12” x 18” reflective Estate name signs. The cost is estimated at $1,250.